Morning Mate

ImageEvery morning I drink yerba mate on of my mate gourds with a nifty metal straw that has springs on it. My sister brought it back for me from Argentina when she went for a visit. Mate gets me going in the morning. It wakes up my brain and it does not have the down-shifting feeling that coffee gives me a little while after I drink it.

This morning I mixed two different kinds of yerba mate for my breakfast. One brand is the strongest named Canarias and it, like the old saying goes “will grow hair on your chest”. Not really, just kidding ( Not good for us women). The other is a more smooth brand, Nobleza Gaucha.

I like to sip it on the way to work, which in my case is a specialty printing company that my husband, son and I have started (if you need printing let us know ūüėČ ).Then when I arrive I sip it some more while I think of what I need to get done during the day.

Lately I have been listening to Esther Hicks or Abraham Hicks about getting into The Vortex. In one her videos she was explaining how to get into the vortex and how to stay in it. You know that you are in the vortex by the way you feel. When you are feeling positive emotions you are in the vortex. You might ask, what is the  vortex?

It has to do with the Law of Attraction or the Teachings of Abraham you can read about it on their website¬† Basically the gist of it is that we are a physical and non-physical being or our “physical self” and our “non-physical self” or our “inner being.” These two parts of ourselves communicate with one another.

When they communicate we are tuned in to our inner self or there is awareness. When we are in awareness we are in alignment with our inner self and that is what it means to be in the vortex. We are in alignment with our true selves or reconnected with our true selves (physical and non-physical being).

So when we are feeling good emotions; when we are uplifted then we know we are in the vortex, but when we are feeling down our two selves are not communicating then we know we are out of the vortex. When we are in the vortex we have clarity and we can manifest what we really desire.

This reminds me of another Channel named Darryl Anka who Channels an entity he calls Bashar. Bashar (or whoever he is, supposedly an alien) has a different name for our inner being he calls it our higher self. His message is that our higher self can see a lot further than our physical self.  Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth calls it consciousness, but that it cannot really be named. This consciousness is more who we really are.

I am by no means an expert on any of this, but I have been practicing trying to stay in this vortex by keeping an eye (or an imaginary gauge, so to speak) on my emotions  and thoughts and trying to raise my frequency or keep my thoughts positive.

It is by no means easy, however I can see how there is an “ease” about life when I am in this state and it makes me want to stay there or be in tune with my higher self, or inner self more often. Aloha! (which doesn’t mean hello and good-bye; it means ” I see your spirit in your earthly form”.)


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