“The Universe in ecstatic motion.” (mate and yerbabuena)

ImageLately, as I said in a previous blog, I have been listening a lot to Esther Hicks/ Abraham Hicks on YouTube. I am learning about raising my frequency, remaining in the vortex or grid. I am enjoying being in the place where I feel good most of the time and working on being aware about how I feel all the time so that I can think thoughts that make me feel good. That is what is going to raise my frequency.

I had the most bizzare dream last night! I won’t tell you about it because it was too weird. The only thing I did before I went to bed was to drink a tissane of an herb called Boldo, genus Peumus, an herb from that grows in certain countries in South America.

It is used to cure an upset stomach or a hangover. I used it to aid my digestion because I over-ate ( to experience my joy, won’t be doing any astral projection with that) pasta with garlic, butter and parsley, topped with Parmesan cheese (with loads of garlic), not to mention the piece of chocolate cake.

Back to the boldo I usually drink it after lunch, but I never experienced this effect before. It was surreal! So there is more to this herb than meets the eye. I read in Wikipedia that some people put it in their mate. 

Today I put some spearmint or yerbabuena, as it is called in South America,  in my mate which gave it a nice minty taste. It is said that it is good for treating inflammation and for headaches. I like to find natural ways to treat minor aches and pains instead of popping NSAIDS all the time.

You might ask when reading my post today, why the title? It comes from a quote from Rumi. “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” We forget who  we are. We get lost in our thoughts and think we are not worth anything because of all of the negative mental conditioning we have, but the truth is that we are amazing! We are part of the great One Life. We are as multi-dimensional and creative as the universe itself. 

When we get lost in our thoughts and forget who we are we can tell by the way we feel that we are out of alignment with who we really are. We attract things to us that we do not want or the same things that we do not want over and over. 

So the idea is to get into the vortex, to get into alignment with our true self and how we know we are there is by getting to a place where we are feeling good all of the time. As a result we will attract things that resonate or vibrate at the same frequency; we will attract the things that we desire.

To get to that place we think thoughts that make us feel good. So today think of things that make you feel good. Esther Hicks talks about the 17 second flash point or process in which …when you hold a thought for 17 seconds another thought that is vibrationally  the same joins that thought. This causes a chain of thoughts that are of the same frequency. The idea is to keep up  the momentum thinking thoughts that bring you happiness or joy to maintain that vibration. Here is another video link of Esther Hicks on YouTube where she talks about this: http://youtu.be/iAThj25ciCU 


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