Practicing Leaning Towards the Vortex

cats and expressive rock 027Every morning, for the past week, I have been taking my mate out on the deck to sit and enjoy the morning before I get to work on my writing. I find peace and inspiration sitting there listening to the sounds of nature and writing my gratitude log for the day. This is one of my recent logs, one of my recent exercises to practice getting into my Vortex. For those who don’t know what that means look at one of my past posts or look up Esther Hicks on the internet. I will not go into it for now.

The purpose of this exercise is to raise my frequency or vibration  to a higher level. To the level of my vortex where I can find joy and love and all of the good things that I have been storing there. Here is one of my favorite ones that I want to share with you in this post.

I don’t have to worry about anything; I only have to ask the Universe and it is given. I am worthy simply because I exist and my wish is the Universe’s command. I desire and I say it out loud and the Source agrees and brings it to pass–okays it. I am making withdrawals from my escrow. I am getting into the vortex, loving the feeling of feeling good most of the time and I want to continue practicing being there.

I am enjoying the moment, sitting here on the porch, near nature listening to the many varieties of birds and the beautiful sounds that they make. I hear a rooster crowing , the crickets and the cicadas, nature’s lullaby.

I see a ray of sun streaming down through the trees. There is a forest right behind where I live, abundant with wildlife. A baby rabbit scampers through the leaves. A grasshopper who was asleep on the rail, woke up when he smelled my mate and hopped on to the metal straw. I told him that he needed to get off of my drink and go find another one.

The cats are looking out through the screen door enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. This is true Zen; sitting here drinking mate, accompanied by cats and drinking mate is entering Zen to me. I feel vibrant and alive. There are good things brewing for me on the horizon for I have put many things that I want into my vortex and they are coming to fruition. I like the contrast I experience for it helps me to know what I like and what I don’t like. I have arrived, I am in my vortex.


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