About Me

Hi! I am an aspiring writer. I only discovered this recently, in the later half of my life. I have always loved to read and I have always been very imaginative. Stories would come to me often, but I never had the courage to write them down and try to get them published.

Recently I realized that all that was keeping me from doing what I love were just thoughts and just because I think something doesn’t mean that it is true. I thought that I had to have  formal training to be a writer. I’m sure it is helpful, but now I realize that that is not all it takes.

I discovered that writing is channeling stories like a music writer channels a piece of music or writes a song. We are always channeling something. Then I discovered that I enjoy blogging as well. It’s a wonderful thing to have such a vast place like the internet to share your thoughts and connect with other human beings.

In the past few years I started writing some children’s stories. I have not tried to publish them yet because I need to get them edited first. Then an idea for my first fiction novel came; it just flowed out while I was driving somewhere one day. So I put my children’s books aside and started writing my first novel (not a children’s novel).

I also like to read and learn about spiritual things. I recently learned that a lot of my suffering was caused because I was “lost in thought”, because I thought that who I was was my thoughts and spent a lot of my time in my head. I am working on a spiritual practice of living in the present moment and being the observer of my thoughts; not being my thoughts.

Last but not least the idea for the title of my blog, fullymatefied came from conversations and drinking mate with my son ( who is almost 30 now). We have wonderful conversations about enlightenment and being your true self over mate. He started saying  when he wakes up and has enough mate he is “fully matefied”.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It is meant to bring you joy and to be uplifting. Also, it is meant to share my experience in this journey we call “life” which now I know we do not have a life, but we are life. Enjoy the life that you are!



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