Mate and Enlightenment

This blog is going to be about a journey to self discovery. It is about finding my true self after much searching and suffering.

It will also be a blog for enjoyment for those who read it because I believe we are, deep down inside, pure joy. We are here to enjoy our lives. So I want to bring joy into this blog as well.

This blog will be about sharing what I discover along the way on this journey of enlightenment hoping it will help whoever reads it on their own journey.

Oh, and I forgot, the mate… Well yerba mate is a strong green tea that people drink in places like Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and other countries in South America. They also drink it in some middle eastern countries.

You can drink yerba mate in a gourd like you see it in the picture with a metal straw or you can brew it like loose-leaf tea. I will be sharing more about that later on in my blog.

You might ask what is the reason for my title, “Mate and Enlightenment”? Well yerba mate has a different kind of caffeine and you get a boost of mental clarity as you drink it. It seems to go well with good conversation and getting together with friends.

People drink it alone or sit in a circle with family and friends and pass it around. You can even pass someone a mate now on some social media sites (look it up). So bring your mate next time you drop in for a visit at my blog.

Aloha, namaste, and hasta luego and until later!